About Me

 I suppose being a craftsman happened naturally for me, given the people and lifestyles I was surrounded by while growing up in rural West Virginia. For as long as I remember my father always had a workshop, where one day he could be repairing the garden tiller, and the next repairing stringed instruments.

 In high school I became interested in becoming a luthier, and the following ten years after graduation I worked for Callaham Guitars, building guitars, machining the metal hardware for the guitars, and preforming repairs from time to time. 

  The first few years of pipe making I was self taught. I would buy hight grade pipes, study them inside and out to help have an understanding of all the little details that are required to make a pipe. Once I had a firm grasp on the craft, I was fortunate to learn from a couple professional pipe makers. Those visits were pivotal in my growth of this craft. 

 I now reside in Vermont, where each day I continue my vocation as a pipe maker.